Event Calendar
Sl.No.Class Date DayEvent
1Events Calendar 201901-Oct-2019TuesdaySpecial Assembly- Gandhi House
2Events Calendar 201902-Oct-2019WednesdayGandhi Jayanti (Holiday)
3Events Calendar 201904-Oct-2019FridayPuja Break Begins (Holiday)
4Events Calendar 201909-Oct-2019WednesdayPuja Break Ends (Holiday)
5Events Calendar 201910-Oct-2019ThursdaySchool reopens
6Events Calendar 201918-Oct-2019FridayBest out of waste
7Events Calendar 201919-Oct-2019Saturdayfull Working Day & Educational Tour- Class XI
8Events Calendar 201926-Oct-2019SaturdayEducational Tour-Class XI
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  • Website when opened through e-Care app on mobile, gives much optimized and concise look with better experience than PC or laptop browsing.

  • Attendance, schedule, academic records, syllabus, conversation, assignments H.W etc everything is now available on mobile app.

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  • Easy view of photo albums after receiving updating SMS from e-Care team

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  • Applying leave of absence on behalf of your ward is easy with the app. You will get instant notification on your app of leave’s approval or rejection.

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