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26th Aug, 2019Date of Submission of Projects


Date of Submission of Projects

13th Aug, 2019NEW ADMISSIONS



25th Jul, 2019Routine for Half Yearly Exams


Routine for Half Yearly Exams





25th May, 2019Routine for Half Yearly Examination-2019 (Class V)


Routine for Half Yearly Examination-2019 (Class V)

25th May, 2019Routine for Half Yearly Examination(Class VI-XII) 2019


Routine for Half Yearly Examination(Class VI-XII) 2019



(Lets do away with sharing board results ....lets celebrate each child!)
Following is something i wrote this morning...
Please give it a read ??
We started out as similar ,
Li'l boys with pinned kerchief...
We ran ,we played pranks 
Our days ,replete with mischief !
Somehow , in each notebook 
You got more stars than me ...
And that extra hug ,
With one more toffee ,for free!
You stood on the winning stand year after year ,
I clapped the hardest ...
The teacher hugged you tight ,
I stood in the corner, trying invain to get that stubborn sum right! 
I tried as hard as i could,
The slanting lines refused to bend ...
2×2 never made up a 4 
And the counting refused to end.
Hindi n english had words that meant only 'bright'...
And the beak of the bird oh! ' i could never get it right!
I cheered for you all ,
Finer nuances i tried to pick 
Secretly ,I tried being like you ...
To earn a front row seat, in the class pic !
My mum would say " what a boy ,just look at him!"
She didnt say I wasn't good enough ...
But she didnt ,either, say... I WAS !
I tried my best to ace at sports 
But my efforts fell short yet again
The music lessons n the dance class 
Had no mentor who would take the pain. 
To let my slow step find a place ,
in the perfectly synchronised dance ....
To be politely told once again ...
We shall definitely give you 'nother chance!
No one told it to my face but i felt it with each fall ,
I wasnt part of the herd who always  'knew it all'  !!
Science math n english 
Economics hindi n env science 
Nothing could help me feel better 
Nothing could help me grow ...
But isn't education supposed to do so??
I felt a recluse as they spoke of notes n guide ,
I withdrew into a shell 
As i swallowed what was left of my pride...
We reached the finalè almost...
And i felt it all the more 
For people were bound to ask ,
Adding to the humiliation my parents bore ...
I needed hope 
I yearened for solace 
I wanted someone to tell me 
Its okay,just let it go...
Child you are enough 
Child you are complete...
Whether you run the race or not 
You are a winner to me.
Destiny shall guide u 
Take you somewhere ,near or far..
To be the best that you can be
To be your own kinda star !
Let no 3 digits on a piece of paper decide who i can be 
Let no white paper judge my ability .
My teacher my mother n my friends 
A fish could never, for the life of it, climb up ,upon a tree .
For i am of limitless possibilities
I have untapped potential...
If your system has failed me its the system that failed ,
For it failed to bring out the best that i carry within .
So what if i got no stars 
So what if my notebook had more reds than all of yours put together ...
So what if i ain't good enough for you ...
I have my arms to hug me ??
I have the mirror to smile back at me ...??
I have my shadow to follow or lead me...??
I have a heart that beats (i dont remember how many beats /minute!) 
A heart thats full of love ,a heart that would know that when a child doesnt write well ,its not the sky falling...??
If a child doesnt achieve as he is supposed to ,its not the end of the world...?
I know now n i shall teach the tender ,hands, feet and mind to take their time to bloom ...
Its fine to be called names 
Its NOT fine to give up or give in.
Dream on ....dont worry about them coming true ...just dream .??

9th May, 2019School management conveys its Best Wishes to all the ISC/ICSE candidates.


School management conveys its Best Wishes to all the ISC/ICSE/CBSE/WBCHSE candidates.


Dear Parents & Students,

Please note that ISC/ICSE Examination Results has been declared on 07-05-2019 at 03:00 PM.

Kindly visit the below-given links for examination results & more information:

8th May, 2019TOPPERS ISC (2018-19)


 TOPPERS ISC (2018-19)

8th May, 2019TOPPERS ICSE (2018-19)


 TOPPERS ICSE (2018-19)

3rd May, 2019Fee Regulation & Structure 2019


Fee Regulation & Structure 2019

31st Mar, 2019Add Multiple Numbers


Now! Add Multiple Numbers To Get Your Child’s Updates Via SMS

15th Mar, 20192019 Unit Test-I


2019 Unit Test - I 

22nd Mar, 2019Admissions Open For Class XI (ISC) 2019


Admissions Open For Class XI (ISC)  2019

21st Jan, 2019SCHOOL TIMINGS




7:45 am - 10:40 am                      Nursery A & B

7:45 am - 1:00 pm          Kinder Garten (K.G.)

7:45 am - 1:40 pm        Classes I & Classes II

7:45 am - 2:20 pm                    Classes III - XII

21st Jan, 2019The Principal's Visiting Hours


21st Jan, 2019School Office Timings


School Office timings 9am - 12 noon (Monday - Friday)

21st Jan, 2019Students are requested to submit their creativity at e-Care office for KIDS' CORNER


Dear Students, Provide us with your best Paintings, Poems, Articles etc. to be uploaded in the Kids Corner Section of the School Website. You can also mail us your creativity at

21st Jan, 2019e-Care password recovery


 Dear Parents,

To recover the password of your 

e-Care panel, use our new module of 


and get password on your...

Mobile       &      Email



e-Care Team, 

Loreto Convent School, Shillong.


21st Jan, 2019Steps to download & use ‘e-Care Mobile App’



e-Care Mobile App has been launched

Steps to download & use 'e-Care Mobile App'


1. Open Google Play from your Android Mobile or iTunes from your iOS Mobile.

2. Search by 'Franciscan e-Care'.

3. Click on the search result.

4. Now click on Install.

5. Click on Accept and wait for the installation to be completed.

6. Franciscan e-Care App will be installed after few minutes.

7. Now click on icon created on the main screen to open the Franciscan e-Care App.


Use School Code 'LCSMEG'


For any queries, Please contact e-Care No. +91 7991393903

21st Jan, 2019How do I get the e-Care Mobile App of Loreto Convent Shillong for my phone?


Mobile Application For School:


'Franciscan e-Care' mobile app is a smart tool, a complete and comprehensive package which brings all e-Care facilities at one place at fingertips for all users (School Management, Teachers, Parents, and Students). Responding to the growing use of mobile technology in the modern world and the increased adoption of smartphones, e-Care has extended its multi-platform capabilities to include support for tablets and smartphones. e-Care now enables the user to carry their school world in their pocket with this mobile application.


Download the latest version of e-Care Mobile App of Loreto Convent Shillong, Meghalaya today, available on all three platforms.


Search as 'Franciscan e-Care' in the App store or click:



We invite you to experience the latest version -


Set up automatic updates Or Update the app manually in your App Settings.


Use the school code- 'LCSMEG' after downloading and enter your e-Care login Username & Password.


If you've forgotten your username and/or password, to recover –


Click on the link Forgot Password provided on the login page.


Do you have any questions, requests or comments? We'll be delighted to help you.


Please feel free to call or email us:





21st Jan, 2019For any query or help regarding e-Care Services


For any Query/Support or Help
Regarding e-Care Panel, SMS Service & Website Browsing
Call us: +91-7991393903
Email us: /
We will assist you in the best possible way.

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  • Website when opened through e-Care app on mobile, gives much optimized and concise look with better experience than PC or laptop browsing.

  • Attendance, schedule, academic records, syllabus, conversation, assignments H.W etc everything is now available on mobile app.

  • Sequential log of all received SMS with sender’s image.

  • Easy view of photo albums after receiving updating SMS from e-Care team

  • Easy view of photo albums after receiving updating SMS from e-Care team

  • Instant push notification for all the messages.

  • Applying leave of absence on behalf of your ward is easy with the app. You will get instant notification on your app of leave’s approval or rejection.

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