Student Council
School Council (2018)
Khusboo Mozika
(Head Girl)
Class- XII
Waemdor Sumer
(Asst. Head Girl) Class- XI
Christine M Lyngkhoi
(Games Captain)
Class- XII
Vania Shadap
(Vice Captain) Class- XI
Deiphilamon Nongkynrih
(JPIC Captain)
Class- XI
Dreyah C.Dympep
(Asst. Captain) Class- X (B)
Agnes V Buhphang
Class- XII
Aidamillian Sohliya
(Vice Captain) Class- XI
Natanaia Basumatary
Class- XII
Neelakshi Sen
(Vice Captain) Class- XI
Balakhamti Suting
Class- XII
Melvy Kharphuli
(Vice Captain) Class- XI
Beneranda Shadap
Class- XII
Iakidaker Sun
(Vice Captain) Class- XI
Jennefer Chiru
Class- XII
Vizino Rikha
(Science) Class- XII
Imatti W.Thabah
Class- XI
Rudrani Baruah
(Science) Class- XI
Arbanylla Tariang
Class- X-A
Mnuka Chettri
Class- X-B
V.Dishti Rao
Class- IX-A
Dreyah C. dympep
Class- IX-B
Bawanjop F.Marbaniang
Class- VIII-A
Muskan Bhandari
Class- VIII-B
Mahek Agarwal
Class- VII-A
Bnedica Nongkhlaw
Class- VII-B
Kerrisaphi D.Lyngdoh
Class- VI-A
Zara .P.Sharif
Class- VI-B
Desree B.Warjri
Class- V-A
Aakriti Nayak
Class- V-B
Jovita M.Nongbet
Class- IV-A
Prakriti Agarwal
Class- IV-B
Sanya Mansuri
Class- III-A
Celine. I. Lyngdoh
Class- III-B
Stella Shallam
Class- II-A
Megan. A. A. Cunville Rani
Class- II-B
Wandalang Malngiang
Class- I-A
Sakginchira. M. Sangma
Class- I-B
Nakibakordor Tariang
Class- KG-A
Magdalene Lamin
Class- KG-B
Alexandria S. Sangma
Class- Nursery-A
Loretta Laloo
Class- Nursery-B
School Council (2017 - 2018)
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  • Easy view of photo albums after receiving updating SMS from e-Care team

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